All our services are bespoke, created for our clients, with only their needs in mind. To this avail, we offer the very best coaching and workshop sessions in the market, tailor-made to your requirements, needs and industry.


No boxes…

At Pro-Tivity, we don’t believe in making you or your situation fit in a particular box. Instead we make a perfect box to suit you. All our solutions are tailor made to meet our client’s requirements.

To that effect, we offer a wide variety of sessions, programmes and workshops. We can’t detail all the different bespoke options we have delivered over the years, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, get in touch with us today and we will help you by creating a programme that suits you, your team or your company.


Offering individuals personal coaching has become a bit of a non-term, and the reality is far from that. With Pro-Tivity, your personal 1-2-1 sessions will relate to what you need from the sessions.

Over the years we have helped people with all kinds of challenges, from phobias, to persistent health conditions, leadership issues to just helping people with self mastery mindset and skill set tools. Whatever you want help with, just get in touch for an initial conversation to see how we can help.

All our sessions are private and we give you the same confidentiality that you would expect from a medical code of practice. Meaning you can feel at ease whilst we help take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Our personal 1-2-1 sessions usually last approximately 2 hours, however we can accommodate you and your schedule. As we only have a limited amount of time in a day, we always ask our clients to pre-book their sessions.



A private and highly intensive immersion programme lasting 2-3 days suitable only for individuals or small groups wishing to delve deep into their unconscious mind to discover why they do the things they do and create a new empowering future.

Going into our own subconscious and bringing up the past can often be a hard and upsetting process. The truth is, we must break down our core values & beliefs before we can rebuild them.

The programme can be very intense, however, the results can be so empowering that you won’t even recognise the new you. We often don’t realise how we anchor our lives to an event, to a feeling or even to something, and once that anchoring has taken hold of us, everything we do is impacted by that thought and feeling process.

Breakthroughs are a great way to go back, and create a fresh, clean slate to build on. It means that our journey going forward can be liberated from excess luggage. We break free of our anchors and move forward with a fresh outlook and new tools to create positive lasting change.

This programme is usually conducted in a hotel or retreat whereby the client is required to stay over until the end of the workshop.


A very popular “top-up” programme that facilitates clients to keep on track with their ambitions and goals making sure they are fully aligned to their purpose.

Our values and beliefs underwrite everything in our lives. We often don’t know or realise it, but how we think and what we do as a result, is always driven by these factors.

Understanding our values and beliefs is just as important as understanding other people’s, as what makes us see our own model of the world, can often be very different to how others see it. We can all have very different processes for thinking and behaving, however, neither is right nor wrong, simply different.  In the workplace, this can often result in a lack of synergy.

These programmes are used intensively with HR leaders as part of the recruitment process, as discovering if a new appointment has similar values and beliefs to your company is crucial to finding team members that will strive in their new position.