Rachel Plant

Emotional Wellbeing Coach & NLP Therapist
Ollie and his Superpowers

Rachel has over 15 years of experience of working with children aged 2-11 years and their families in an educational environment. With a passion and commitment to enable all children to be the best version of themselves and achieve their full potential she embarked on a career change and trained as an Ollie Coach (Emotional well-being coach) and NLP Therapist.

The Ollie method is very simple but effective. It’s simplistic use of language and metaphors allows children to fully understand and engage in change work in an empowering way. Despite its simplicity it is a powerful way for all of us to understand our emotions, why we feel the way we do and that nobody can make or feel us think anything we don’t allow ourselves to. A simple concept which is extremely effective at helping them with emotional problems, stress and anxiety, phobias or challenging behaviour.

As an emotional well-being coach and therapist Rachel empowers her clients by helping them to understand, express and manage their emotions and gives them a range of tools for the future to build resilience and promote their wellbeing. Ollie and his superpowers allow children to play an active role in working through their challenges helping them to be the best versions of themselves, finding positive ways to help them overcome emotional struggles. Rachel is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of your children.

Is Ollie just for children? No, whether you are 5 or 95 all the concepts used in the Ollie model work for everyone taking you from where you are to where you want to be, leaving behind any old, unwanted limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.