Change………the challenge within.

Change………the challenge within.

by admin July 20, 2018

We often say we want change but many of us are too afraid of the price we’d have to pay to get it. We never really come to making the required effort because the pain of what we have to give up is seen as greater than the pain of standing still.

Others don’t even look to the price or consequences of changing and get themselves into a habit pattern or rut of constantly complaining and blaming their circumstances and conditions.

And yet others move onto greatness by accepting that change is painful, even scary at the beginning, frustrating and confusing in the transition stage but decide to focus their attention and therefore their actions towards the purpose of their outcome and the sweetness and fulfillment it brings.

They know the universe places two demands for growth on them ….to grow themselves and to grow others.

The truth is, change is often painful – in fact its always painful but not as painful as being irrelevant which is the destiny of the decision to resist it.

We are either on the way or in the way and the best way to embrace change is to design the change you want.

Yes in order to grow you may need to leave some people behind..some great people have taken you as far as they can..some lovely, well intended  people begin to see your growth and want to keep you to themselves – they have a gravitational pull that you must break.

Show me your 5 closest friends and associates and I’ll show you your future.


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