50 Not Out

50 Not Out

Your unconscious mind never gets old – it’s actually a timeless, ageless and infinite part of whom you truly are.  


I’ve met 80 year olds with a spirit, zest, energy and mischief of a 10 year old and by paradox I’ve sadly encountered 20 year olds with the spirit, physiology and personality of one waiting for the end to come. The fact is some people are old at 20 whilst are youthful at 70 as it’s only in our minds that we get old!


You may not have the same mobility and physical characteristic of “youth” but you can be as creative, energetic and spritely as anyone only with the addition of life’s greatest gift…wisdom!


Let’s be very clear, mature age of its self does not destroy the power of creativity in mind and body! And body is the instrument of the mind so if we exercise the mind the body, by definition has to follow.


Often with Age comes wisdom


Being afraid of reaching 45 – 50 years and onwards is akin to being afraid of life and society must get the notion that 65, 75 or 85 is synonymous with the end. I could direct you to the most incredible examples of people who believed, and acted like it was the beginning and led tremendously fruitful lives that exceeded their early years and left inspiring legacies. 


Open minds never close imagination down


The ageing process is all about change and should be welcomed, enjoyed and experienced fully. Human spirit is always for expansion and growth. Its creative fuel is in imagination and its certainty and longevity comes from contribution. We should never grow old for life.


You must learn to ignore your senses.  


It’s important that we learn to ignore the 5 senses that will cheat, lie and deceive us daily. A person that uses only their senses to experience life sees only the earthly cycle of birth, adolescence, youth, maturity, middle and old age as all there is to life and responds accordingly. They will stay in jobs they dislike, relationships with no love and live a lineal life of frustration, cynicism and false fatalism as opportunity after opportunity pass them by.


At 45 I was lost in a job I had taught myself to be good at but hated and that rewarded me financially to the extent that I needed the money it brought in to numb myself of the boredom and pain. I thought I couldn’t get out of this role because of my age. I succumbed to the attractive notion that I was over the hill and no one else would want me at 45 so I’d better stay where I was…and so I didn’t even try! It was only whilst interviewing candidates for a position that my unconscious bias (age) came into my awareness…I realised I had conditioned the belief that, despite how successful I was in my current role I couldn’t go and do something that inspired and lit me up and that I was possibly recruiting with the same mindset. I became aware that at times I was favoring the younger person!!!! Two weeks later I resigned and left and have never in one moment regretted that decision or changed my new empowering belief in that age, if balanced in heart, mind, body and spirit is an asset.


Ralf Waldo Emerson wrote: “We do not count a man’s age until he has nothing else to count”


Use Grey hair As An Asset not an Ass!


If you are stuck in a position you hate, bored and thinking only of the time when you get to quit well that time is now! For sure some employers will still favour the under 40’s but know their reasoning is flawed and you wouldn’t want to work in that environment anyway….you are not selling your age you are gifting your talents, experience and wisdom gathered over the years and quality employers will place a higher value on that.


We know that what we give our attention to grows and flows: So start today giving all your focus, all your belief, and all your imagination to your future. Think only of what you want to DO, BE and Have. If you find yourself in conditions that no longer inspire and grow you, then leave. A day in a moment of pleasure is worth more than a lifetime of misery. Age is NEVER your barrier, only your belief of what age prevents you from doing anything you want. Your spirit is perfect, it can never be created or destroyed and is always for expansion and further expression. It talks to you through DESIRE and your only job is to act upon it. It’s not reckless or stupid to make massive changes in your middle life – it’s only reckless and stupid to stay stuck!


You are conditioned by your thoughts. Life will always unveil wonders for those that seek to learn something new every day. Don’t work, go and play at what lights you up – never give a thought to retirement as the unconscious mind never retires but it is like a parachute and only works when its fully open.


  1. You can accomplish anything at any age
  2. Your mind never retires so give no thought to it.
  3. Concentrate on making a life not a living and an abundant living will become your outcome.
  4. Be a producer not a product of society.
  5. Place greater emphasis on functional movement, natural foods, key relationships and the legacy you want to leave and your mind will keep youthful and always looking for expansion and growth.
  6. Your spirit is perfect – you are as old as you think.
  7. Develop expressions and characteristics of love, freedom, joy, happiness, wisdom, trust, honesty and gratitude you will remain healthy in mind and body at any age.
  8. Age is never about years it’s the dawning of wisdom.
  9. Your most productive age is likely to be between 65-90 years old. 
  10. You cannot see mind or spirit but you know you have one so use it. You can observe both in the artist, musician, speaker etc. You can’t see life but you still know you are alive SO LIVE. 
  11. You are as young as you think you are – so as you think so you are! 
  12. Grey hair or no hair is an asset – you are never selling what’s on your head only what’s in your mind: Talent, ability, and wisdom taken from life.
  13. Diets and exercise in and of themselves are truly powerful but of themselves will not keep you young. ”As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”
  14. You can only grow old when you stop dreaming and lose interest in your life.
  15. You are wonderfully made. Just go and do whatever it takes – face the fear and fear will leave.