We have become far too impatient!

Our challenge today is that we have become far too impatient. Fast cars, fast food, fast results: everything has to happen the moment we desire it, so we keep shifting what we believe is possible from presence to absence.

It’s akin to having a goal of driving from London to Glasgow, then setting off and taking every other left and right turn along the way only to be surprised that you’ve got lost.

Delays aren’t denials..state what you want, plan your actions then action your plan..and then keep believing its already happened.

Its simple but not easy.

You are not your age – but you are your energy!

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At 56 years old I’m blessed to still be working with people that are predominately aged 45 years to 70 years of age. They are so interesting, bursting with experience, highly skilled and adaptable however totally blind-sided to their value. And with few people having the insight and wisdom to seek out coaching or consultancy as a normal activity to improve their results nearly all my clients come to connect with us because they have a perception of a problem.

What is fascinating is that there appears to be a trend (quite possibly for men referred to as the Mid-Life Crisis) that affects both sexes about the same chronological age especially if gainfully employed in a career that transcends to an exit point about the same age too..usually 65 years. Now this is an observation more than scientific but I’d have to be ignorant to not pick up this detail and notice that there are only marginal differences depending on geography of where someone lives or was brought up indicating that culture may not have that much of an impact as genetic disposition if not addressed.

It seems that for some people around 45years old that if you aren’t in the career that inspires you (even if it once did) and that affords a sense of growth and contribution, you begin to question life and it’s value regardless of family situations. We spend a lot of our awake time at our place of work so its understandable that it commands much of our thoughts and thus our energy. But to skip forward past all the detail, if we aren’t fulfilled at our work, at home, or physically healthy, financially secure, socially or spiritually fulfilled (more so later in the process) it’s as if our age also becomes the speed limit we place on life even when contemplating putting things right. We are not our age – We are 100% our energy and the truth is everyone gets the same deal regardless of age! Energy cannot be created or destroyed but only moved into other forms hence why thoughts become things! That is a perfect example of energy (spirit) moving into its physical opposite (matter). Older people often revel in a child’s energy yet all a child does is predominately bathe in happy thoughts and empowering imagination. Despite some obvious physical restrictions that is all it is..older people have a propensity to turn the sacred gift of imagination against themselves. So whilst the child is conquering the universe, flying and doing things of incredible accomplishment the older person is forecasting doom and gloom, seeing the end of life not the beginning and expecting the same physical energy! It goes against the natural laws that govern the world.

No is it possible for older people to think childlike thoughts (creative not immature although I’m sure a few wives and girlfriends will swiftly confirm immature thoughts too as far as the male species!) and the answer is yes. And if you come across a person like this you’ll never want to be out of their company – they light up everywhere they go.

So there can be a period in our life where we reach a point that this energy dwindles if we don’t consciously invest the time and resources in our present and future. Perhaps since we’ve left education we have placed all we have into developing a career or position – gone after a home, family and physical things at 100mph and then started to realise only a few of these things are that important to us…we start to doubt what we have or that we actually desire it any more. Especially with careers, we no longer get the same “buzz” from the role, the chase of the sale or target achievement and everything else seems to be changing with it too. You may no longer want a promotion to the next level because you detest the thought of what you’d have to do to succeed or you simply believe (to let yourself off the hook) that it can’t happen for you now that your boss is young enough to be one of your children….when you aggregate this with similar challenges in other areas of life is it any wonder that your energy levels begin to diminish? It appears that all day long you are bathing in negative thinking.

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Life can appear to be difficult and upside down! So its not uncommon to see a 45 year old only giving 45% towards improving their results and wondering why they feel stuck. The same person 20 – 15 yeas ago was giving 100% and travelling at 100mph..the good news is, that bit by bit things can speed up each year but if you wait for nature to take its course it can make for a long, arduous journey to what should be the best times of our lives! More freedom for sure!

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The answers are found in raising your bar (awareness) and shifting from ignorance to understanding. Change is the one thing next to tax that is guaranteed in life but our own development is always a choice. The toughest part is making a decision to stop the current programme and start designing our own future based on what we want to attract into our lives rather than what we want to avoid.

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Energy comes from thought and its the emotional attachment to the thought that creates movement. Bad thoughts = negative emotions = negative actions = negative results..its simple, just not easy! The body is an instrument of the mind – the body cannot go anywhere that the mind hasn’t gone before it – the mind is always moving so the question is where to? Where are you sending it to? It takes the same energy to think negatively and it does positively but we get very different results depending on the path we choose.

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So we can all age with grace and elegance but 45 years old is no age, and neither is 55, 60, 65 its just a number that comes with a conditioned thought about who you should be, what you should do and have.

  1. Yes you can do anything you want at any age…look at all those that have done something significant in life that has endured through generations.
  2. Yes you can swap careers and be successful at 45 – 50 – 55+ because you are highly skilled, adaptable, experienced. Check out the top CEO’s of FTSE, Fortune 500 etc and you’ll find most are between 55-65years old so we are capable of doing our best work at any age.
  3. Yes you can have a healthy body at 45 upwards (at anytime in life) if you do healthy things! It’s law (science). Eat well, Sleep well, Functionally move you body through all planes of movement and include resistance training, hydrate..you body knows what to do with that input. It doesn’t have to take over your life just be consistent! Little and often.
  4. Yes you can have the most impactful relationships after 45 years old that are unconditional, fulfilling and energised if you give it the correct thought and design.
  5. Yes you can do, be and have all you want..You are not your age but you are your energy and the first cause in all things..is thought! Nothing comes before a thought.
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As far as we know you get one crack at this life….human’s are the most significant thing on this planet so we certainly weren’t put here to play small. Creation is finished, God placed a spirit within us that is sent out to be a specialist version of the creator. Its up to us to do the miraculous now…that’s YOU!

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Leave nothing on the table, go kicking and screaming to the next part of your spirits journey. Nothing apart from the ones you love most, matter that much in the whole scheme of life compared to your fulfillment and contribution to life itself. You can and will always get another job, another career, become more healthy, more abundant financially, attract more friends at any age..because the world has never run out of anything..only our thinking runs out!

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