Ash Cookson


Ash is a very experienced coach and practicing therapist and the “go to” person for professional people, CEO’s, SME’s in need of team building and direction, serious sports people and those in need of finding their purpose and direction.

Most recently Ash has been gaining positive experience and successes working with clients suffering with ME.

Ash is fanatical about adopting a whole person approach to all his work. Clients will be challenged, stretched (literally in some cases) to push their boundaries in terms of Health, Relationships, Growth and Contribution both in thought and physical capacity


In 2005, Pro-tivity set up it’s UK head office serving individuals, CEOs, SME owners, teams and entire companies, throughout the whole of the UK.

Our selection of 1-2-1 coaching interventions, bespoke professional training seminars and empowerment workshops have helped hundreds of people and organisations.

2007 saw a new opportunity for the Pro-Tivity solutions international. The Gibraltar office has been instrumental in helping us to grow the company, and in the past few years, our work has taken us to the USA, Africa, France, Spain and many other locations. organisation, allowing us to open a new office in Gibraltar, taking the Pro-

At the end of 2013, we were very privileged to be chosen to be the International Partner for Franklin Covey (the world’s largest and most respected training organisation) in Gibraltar.

Ever thought you could walk on fire? Well Pro-Tivity can make that happen for you or your team. In 2014, we decided we wanted to add an additional touch to our workshops and seminars, by offering breakthroughs for individuals and groups. As accredited Fire Walk trainers, our team of consultants have now completed over 150 fire walks between them. We can take your team through an experience that will change them forever.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with clients, teams, coaches and trainers from the top of their fields. Working with these groups and individuals has given us great perspective to understand that “All human beings process information in EXACTLY the same way”, regardless of background, environment, life experiences or expectations. We all strive to meet our basic human needs.

Our knowledge and experience is what defines us, and we feel that continual development and improvement is paramount to feeling fulfilled and successful. To that end, we have strived to continue to expand our knowledge base, our toolkit and our ability to deliver a wide range of solutions for all workshop situations.

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