About Ashley

Ash is a dynamic and energy driven person that has taken the lead from a very young age. Whether leading out a football team in his youth to leading a mess-deck of military personnel in times of conflict right through to leading multiple businesses in corporate life.

Ashley Cookson

Ashley Cookson – My Story

As a person of faith Ash has an underling belief that we are all spirits having a human experience rather how we tend to play life out as humans ever searching to have a spiritual experience.  He approaches life and indeed the programmes we facilitate with a deep belief that we are individualized versions of a creator (or intelligence) designed and wonderfully equipped to add value to the world to explore new possibilities.

Ash has a real passion for coaching those people approaching mid-life that for whatever reasons have succumbed to the belief that they are too old to change direction and their current lot in life is as far as it goes…Having worked extensively in the off-shore banking, legal practices, local authorities (Police), military and most prevalently supply chains and building material distribution he is well versed in understanding that people, no matter what country or position they find themselves all want the same things from life…we just get lost at times and allow old and outdated scripts control what we do completely outside of our awareness.

*Ash is currently a Manager in the largest building materials distributor in the UK

I wish I had known about you sooner, what a difference!

Why Work With Ash?

Ash has an absolute passion for helping people grow and has always been the catalyst for change brought about by bringing a vision to life through intentional activities underpinned with desire, passion, persistence, belief and a commitment to do absolutely anything it takes.

Working in corporate life is something he still combines today with this private coaching practice. Ash has had the privilege of coaching and learning his craft in multiple locations around the world and is himself a life long student in the arts of self-development.



  • Founder and Director of Pro-tivity coaching
  • Ex – International Partner to Franklin Covey (Gibraltar)

*Certified consultant of the Proctor Gallagher institute.

* REPS 3 certified Personal Training and Wellness Instructor 

*Certified Strategic Intervention Coach with Tony Robbins – Robins/Madannes.