T.I.R Self Study Option

We are all different and come to our personal development desires with different needs, wants, learning styles and speeds. Sometimes we are ready to step out and change our lives, just not as part of a group or with any direct coaching. Our programme is flexible for this reason because feeling compelled to meet certain criteria can often prevent us from taking responsibility for making that commitment and stepping out.

 Whilst we would heartily endorse taking the facilitated option and immersion into a deeper dive via regular check-ins and webinars with your coach, such is the content, power and impact this programme can have on those that follow its instructions the self-study option will still enable you to change your life and your successes.

You immerse in exactly the same TIR programme and encouraged to implement the training routine and exercises exactly the same as the facilitated option (because we know what works best) only without the fortnightly webinars and check-ins with your coach.

You’ll still get access to your coach by email should you get stuck or need direction and you’ll also have the option of the occasional video call to enable you to maximise your experience and gain clarity. You will never be left to walk alone!